Essay Contest Entry #2 – David Blanton

David Blanton

What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

This kind of question gets us nowhere in the 21st Century.

The distinguishing feature of the question, “should” sets up a dichotomy that only brings about a negation of Church, instead of a purpose to Church. Immediately, where “should” exists, a “should not” would invariably follow, a hidden phantom. That is not to say that a Jesus Christ ministry should not discriminate. Absolutely. Continue reading Essay Contest Entry #2 – David Blanton

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New Review on MY BLOG

… by Geoff Smith.  He concludes:

…I recommend this book to those looking to do things upside down with Jesus. It would make a good college age reading group study or any age book study for that matter. I do not have a rating system, but I whole hearted recommend this book to any who were wondering about it or just hadn’t heard of it.