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New Review on MY BLOG

… by Geoff Smith.  He concludes:

…I recommend this book to those looking to do things upside down with Jesus. It would make a good college age reading group study or any age book study for that matter. I do not have a rating system, but I whole hearted recommend this book to any who were wondering about it or just hadn’t heard of it.

New Review on A New Covenant

Lionel Woods concludes:

I highly recommend this work. Dave Black sets out to show us that Jesus’ Paradigm isn’t what the world deems valuable. For us Christians (disciples/followers) we have to sit down with our ledger and attempt to reconcile it with Jesus’ commands, wherever there is a variance we are to fix it. Much of what Dr. Black talks about will have to come through the grace of Jesus; however, Jesus himself says “whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you”. That is when we ask with His heartbeat, mostly I have asked with my own. Thanks Dave for a wonderful challenge.

Dealing with the Old Man

From Dave Black Online:

Next week in our New Testament Theology class we will be studying the theology of John’s Gospel. The subject is far beyond either my intelligence or my personal experience. This Gospel contains things so high I cannot attain them. How can one measure one’s life against the humility and self-abnegation of the Stooping Servant of John 13? Lew Ayotte, in his recent review of The Jesus Paradigm, bemoans his failure to live up to the example of Jesus. The reality is that the author of that book is the greatest failure of all. My ugly flesh reared itself up only last night as I spoke rudely to someone I love deeply. Becky saw it and immediately reprimanded me, as she should have. To ask for forgiveness was a crux (the Latin word for cross), a crucial moment in my walk with God. If only my readers knew how alive the old man is within me! And I am to teach the theology of John? Is there a more precious revelation of the heart of our loving Lord? Sovereignty silences my mouth. John is too high for me. So is Jesus.

Or is He? Does He not still stoop to serve His unworthy followers, motivated only by love? I know my own weaknesses, but He knows them better. What can I do except to choose to believe in this Foot-Washing Savior, to trust, to accept? That much I can do. He is still the God of this prideful New Testament teacher, this sometimes rude and arrogant husband and father, this sinner saved by grace.

Lew Ayotte Reviews The Jesus Paradigm

Find his review here.  His conclusion:

I found it hard to disagree with much of what Dr. Black wrote. He was a little more upfront than most people will like, but I think the timing is appropriate. I am the first one to admit that I am the worst at following Jesus’ example… or The Jesus Paradigm. But I am thankful that Jesus forgives me for that very shortcoming and is always by my side to help me follow him down that narrow path.

Lew also provides a summary of each chapter.  His review will be useful to people who want to know what they will get if they buy this book.