Not Peace, but a Sword


From Dave Black Online:

In my morning devotions/Bible study I was struck by Jesus’ statement that He did not come to bring peace but a sword (Matt. 10:34). Jesus is the Great Divider. He divides the world into saved and lost. He divides homes based on loyalty to Him. His Word is sharper than a two-edged sword.

My takeaways?

1) Traditions (church or family) must never be more important to me than the Gospel.

2) Unity among believers brings people to Christ.

3) Out of our commitment to Him must flow our commitment to the world.

4) We must not divide when Christ unites.

5) We must divide when Christ divides.

6) The lost are just that — lost. Apart from a new birth, our non-Christian friends are doomed to everlasting darkness.

7) The lost are vulnerable to love.

8) Pray, pray, PRAY! Evangelism is the work of God. It’s successful only when He is involved.

Jesus divides the lost from the saved, but that does not mean He is not interested in saving them. I want to be as intentional as Jesus was in “seeking and saving that which is lost.”

(Material from Dave Black Online is used by permission.  Dave Black is the author of The Jesus Paradigm.)

One thought on “Not Peace, but a Sword”

  1. It is true that Jesus’statement that he had not come to the earth to bring peace, but that he had come to bring a sword sounds completely contradictory to everything Jesus taught and everything that is taught by the Bible and the Christian Churches. Apart from the seven points mentioned above I would like to add the idea that it may also be possible to bridge the gap between the image of Jesus with a sword and Jesus as a bringer of peace by saying that Jesus’ultimate aim is peace but his means to reach that aim is a sword.
    As regards the peace-aspect:
    There can be no doubt it that Jesus came to our earth to make it possible for people who want to avail themselves of his ransom sacrifice to enter the Kingdom of God where they will live for ever in complete happiness and total peace.
    But to achieve all of this Jesus first had to face a sword himself: this happened when he was sentenced to death, executed en pierced with a sword by a Roman soldier.
    But the Bible leaves no room for doubt as regards the following: all the people that refuse to avail themselves of Christ’s ransom sacrifice and are not worthy of being admitted into God’s Kingdom will also have to face a sword: a sword that kills, a sword that destroys them, a sword that keeps them outside God’s Kingdom for ever.
    Why? Because these are the people who proved by their way of living that admitting them into God’s Kingdom will destroy the eternal peace that must be there to make it a perfect place for the chosen ones. For those who deserve a place of eternal rest, eternal happiness and eternal peace in the Kingdom that God will be established at the end of our present human history.

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