Essay Contest Entry #1 – A. Amos Love

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A. Amos Love

What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?


Just wondering if this is a trick question?

1 – Entries being judged are to be “1 – Biblically rooted.”

Isn’t there a question about “the question” being “biblically rooted?”

A – Can’t find any “christian congregations” in the KJV Bible.

B – Can’t find any “congregations following Jesus Christ” in the KJV Bible.

C – Can find – “disciples following Jesus Christ.” Mat 8:23

If “congregation” refers to a gathering of the ekklesia, then;

D – Can find – “120 disciples of Christ gathered together.” Acts 1:15

E – Can find – “the church, the ekklesia, gathered together.” Acts 14:27

If “congregation” refers to sons of God, those born of the spirit, then;

F – Can find – Those born of the Spirit are like the wind,

you don’t know where they come from or where they are going. Jn 3:8

G – Can find – Sons of God are led of the Spirit of God. Rom 8:14

If “following Jesus Christ” refers to being led by Jesus, then;

H – Can find – for one is your master/leader, the Christ. Mat 23:10

I – Can find – My sheep hear my voice and follow me. (Jesus) Jn 10:27

If “following Jesus Christ in ministry” refers to how Jesus did/does “ministry/service,” then;

J – Can find – Jesus doing nothing of Himself;

but speaking those things the Father taught Him. Jn 8:28

K – Can find – Jesus could do nothing of himself, but what he saw the Father do. Jn 5:19

L – Can find – Jesus not seeking His own will, but the will of the Father. Jn 5:30

M – Can find – Jesus; of no reputation, the form of a servant, humbles Himself. Phl 2:7

M – Can find – “all” the disciples of Christ calling themselves “servants” of Christ.

Hopefully, this new question works for you.

What should a congregation of “disciples of Christ,”““the ekklesia of God,”“ sons of God,” following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

Wouldn’t it look like common, not many wise, unlearned and ignorant folks, spending tie with Jesus and causing the religious leaders to marvel and forbid them to speak the name of Jesus?

Disciples, the ekklesia, and son’s, will – “Trust and obey; not think and decide.”

They listen for and hear “His voice,” follow Him, and are willing to lose their life to save it.

They preach the Kingdom of God, (God having the rule, reign and dominion within a life.)

They heal the sick, cast out demons and proclaim, the Kingdom of God has come to you.

This congregation of “Disciples of Christ,”““the ekklesia of God,”“ sons of God,” will;

Forsake all…

Love not the world…

Love not their own life…

Just want to know Him…

Count all things but dung…

Always take the lower place…

Make themselves of no reputation…

Gives thanks for all things… All things? Yes.

Deny themselves and pick up their cross daily…

Counts all the shame, “joy,” for what lies before them…

Love the Lord their God, love their neighbors, love themselves…

Forsake all honor, glory, praise, power, profit, prestige, recognition, reputation…

Like the early believers, they are called out of “the religious system of the day” into a relationship with Jesus Christ. They follow and obey Jesus.

The early disciples observed first hand the relationship Jesus had with His Father.

They witnessed a God/man deny Himself and rely on His Father in the unseen realm of Spirit.

This congregation of “disciples of Christ,” today, will also learn to trust in the indwelling Christ.

This congregation of “disciples of Christ,” will be led by the Spirit. The Lord directing their steps.

This congregation of “disciples of Christ,” will “all” be taught of God. Jn 6:45

They will go out, not knowing where they are going. Heb 11:8

They will hear His voice and not harden their hearts. Heb 3:15

They will obey His Voice and He will be their God. Jer 7:23

They will walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

This congregation of “disciples of Christ,” are “the called out one’s,” the ekklesia, the Church.

Jesus is the head of the body (the ekklesia, the called out one’s), the church.

They are “called out of the religious system” into a relationship with Jesus.

They are “called out of the worlds system” into the Kingdom of God.

They are “called out of self” into the body of Christ.

They are “called out of sin” into righteousness.

They are “called out of bondage” into liberty.

They are “called out of darkness” into light.

They are “called out of death” into life.

What will a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

On second thought; Can we really know?

Didn’t the Jewish religious leaders know what “The Christ” would “look like?”

God loves to do things that eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart. 1 Cor 2:9

This congregation will remember not the former things. God will do a new thing, “now.” Isa 43:18

They will forget those things that are behind. And reach forth for those things that are before. Phil 3:13

They will be new creatures, old things will have passed away and all things are new. 2Cor 5:17

They will put their hand to the plow and not look back. Lk 9:62

What will a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

I don’t really know.

I just pray that I endure till the end and I’m still a part of this congregation of disciples of Christ.

That I might be found in Him, following and serving Him when He appears.

That I might hear; “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Amen.