The Decisive Blow

1:40 PM This morning we had Becky’s blood drawn in South Boston. It hardly seems possible that it was 16 months ago that she had her surgery and exactly 12 months ago this week that she was taking her third chemo treatment at UNC. To say that these past 16 months have been intense would be an understatement. To say they have been easy would be a downright lie. Baptists aren’t supposed to believe in spiritual warfare. But it exists. And it’s another reason why I love to read the Gospels. They show me that real demons constantly harassed Jesus, especially when they realized He could fight back (by quoting Scripture and commanding them to go away).

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Discipleship in Greek Class

From Dave Black Online:

7:22 PM I’ve just finished writing the syllabus for my Greek 4 class that meets next semester. One issue we’ll discuss is the synoptic problem. I’ll admit that there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove Matthean priority beyond the shadow of a doubt. Nor will the scholarly community be willing to dispense with “Q” any time soon, despite the valiant efforts of Dr. Goodacre. Nevertheless, I believe — and am quite ready to try and prove — that the Fourfold-Gospel Hypothesis presented in my book Why Four Gospels? presents a more credible example of the relationships among the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke that do any of the other “solutions” to the synoptic problem.
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Living Discipleship

8:31 AM Throughout Scripture we see that God uses men and women who were utterly dependent upon Him. God reveals His glory and power through the weak things of the world. Elijah was very human, yet he raised the dead. Students, walk in His power today. Live prayerfully, as Jesus did. Voluntarily go out of your way to accept assignments that involve suffering. Remember: The only real truth is truth that is lived out. Continue reading Living Discipleship

The Impact of the Gospels

8:08 AM Sometimes I wish I had never read the Gospels. How simple and easy life would be if I had never been brought to realize some of the requirements of discipleship as Jesus brings them to life. How easy it would be to take life for granted and to live for myself. But having been reading the Gospels — really reading them — I am not the same person. What a contrast to the soft-minded pulp we humans produce in our efforts to say something profound about Jesus. Continue reading The Impact of the Gospels