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The Jesus Paradigm in Ethiopia

While author Dave Black was practicing the Jesus paradigm (no, I didn’t ask his permission to say that) in Ethiopia, his Ethiopian son Nigussie was reading his book.

As Dave said:

I thought you’d be interested in these pix I took when we were packing the vehicle for the drive from Alaba to Addis. I gave a copy of The Jesus Paradigm to our son Nigussie, who literally took the book with him wherever we went. It’s not every publisher who has his books read on top of a Land Cruiser in Ethiopia.

Yes indeed!  And I’m acquainted with that mode of transportation.

Dave and Becky Black have just returned from a visit to Ethiopia where the served in various parts of the country.  You can find more information and pictures of their trip on Dave’s blog at Dave Black Online.

(David Alan Black is the author of Energion books The Jesus Paradigm and Christian Archy.)

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