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Philippians 4:9 – Putting It into Practice

(September 7, 2017) 6:04 PM Anyone studying the book of Philippians needs to keep in mind what Paul writes in 4:9:

ἃ καὶ ἐμάθετε καὶ παρελάβετε καὶ ἠκούσατε καὶ εἴδετε ἐν ἐμοί, ταῦτα πράσσετε· καὶ ὁ θεὸς τῆς εἰρήνης ἔσται μεθ’ ὑμῶν.

The teaching we’ve learned and received from him we need to be putting into practice constantly. Nothing like hitting us over the head with a two by four, Paul.