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Ground Zero Mosque and Humility

From Dave Black Online:

I am deeply grieved over the push to deny the rights of Muslims in this nation to build a mosque near Ground Zero. It almost looks like the identity we assume as “Christian Americans” is as important as the Gospel message we communicate. I submit to you it’s not a kingdom mentality. What is a kingdom mindset? It’s an attitude of gentleness that affirms the values and dignity of others, even those who are different from us. It’s an attitude of humility that considers others as better than one’s self. It’s service without any strings attached. It’s washing the feet of our enemies. It’s service motivated solely by the love of Christ.

Christians with this attitude towards their Muslim neighbors are the most powerful weapon in God’s arsenal. It’s an attitude, by the way, whose origins are supernatural. How can we live this kind of life? I believe it’s only possible through continuous self-examination and confession. We need to see where we need to be, repent, and get up and go. For my wife and me, it is our continual prayer every day for God to save the souls of the lost. May God teach us that all the blessings we enjoy as Americans are only temporary and conditional. May He help us to see how late the hour is and how urgent it is that we respond with obedience to His radical call to love even our perceived enemies.

(From Dave Black Online, used by permission.  Dave Black is author of Energion titles The Jesus Paradigm and Christian Archy.)