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On Being a Godly Man

CarpenterArthur Sido asks, “What does a real man look like?” His answer:

What the Bible shows us is incredibly counter-cultural. A man is someone who is humble, meek, loving and yet a leader, strong, a provider for his family. Men who love their brothers and are not afraid to say it and who love their wives and are not embarrassed by it. The church is called to recognize as leaders men not based on who is strongest or the best educated or who makes the most money. In other words, we are not called to follow the example of the world in our leadership.

Read Being a Christian dude. Well done, Arthur.

I’ll just add this: Godly manhood always focuses on Christ. It takes the initiative in building friendships. It radiates the fruit of the Spirit. It has firm convictions but is never overly-critical or condescending. It has a joyful, warm, and friendly spirit. It is other-centered. It is willing to risk rejection and censorship even from the Body of Christ.

A godly man is a walking miracle.

(From Dave Black Online, used by permission.  Dave Black is the author of The Jesus Paradigm and Christian Archy from Energion Publications and a number of other books.)