More than a Sermon

From Dave Black Online:

I enjoyed reading The Sermon: More Than Just Preaching. The idea is to allow several gifted persons (not just the pastor) to be involved in Sunday morning ministry.

Let’s stop criticizing inactive people. Instead, let’s prepare them for the work. If you’re a pastor, that’s your job. The task of a spiritual leader is to equip members to serve (Eph. 4:11-12). Then release them into service. Let them handle everything in the service while you sit with your family in the pews. Incorporate a time of sharing into your service. Allow those with a “word” to bring it. And when you do stand up to teach (not “preach” – see Eph. 4:11 and 1 Tim. 3:2), do so not from the stage (an invention of the secular theater) but on the people’s level lest you give the impression you are 6 feet above contradiction. A question and answer period afterwards can be beneficial both to you and your congregation.

There is nothing original in these ideas. Mutual participation was a hallmark of the early church (1 Cor. 14). It characterizes our Women’s and Men’s and Youth Sundays. And rightly so. Nothing is more foreign to the New Testament pattern of church meetings than to have the leaders do all the work. We need the strength, the encouragement, the teaching, the stimuli of every-member ministry.