Restoring the New Testament church in the 21st century

Reviews and Current Discussion

| December 16, 2009

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The Jesus Paradigm In-Stock at

| July 23, 2009

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Build the Church

| May 7, 2009

“To build the kind of church Jesus envisioned in John 17 we must help our people realize that it is not about us or about our church. It’s about His kingdom, a kingdom that centers around Christ’s glorious act of self-sacrifice. If we think we can present the Gospel without surrendering and forsaking everything in […]

The Journey to Find Jesus

| May 5, 2009

At the heart of my journey has been my personal quest to find Jesus. Not the Jesus of my childhood, neatly compressed into a glossy magazine. Nor the Jesus of my academic research — an analyzable datum of objective linguistic investigation. Not even the Jesus of Southern churchianity — a fossilized relic deeply embedded in […]