Restoring the New Testament church in the 21st century

On Hermeneutics and Praxis

| February 14, 2013

5:46 PM Good Wednesday evening to you, thoughtful bloggers! I’ve been preparing for my course on hermeneutics at Odessa Theological Seminary next month in Ukraine. For what it’s worth, I’ve been jotting down some initial thoughts about hermeneutics. I’m calling them “Tentative Tenets of a Course in Hermeneutics.” I want to be clear that I’m […]

Dave Black Recommends Books for Studying New Testament Greek

| December 26, 2011

6:52 AM Several bloggers have been recommending books to read in 2012. Others have noted their favorite books of 2011. I’d like to re-post here my ten best books for studying New Testament Greek (excluding my own books, of course). I hope many of you will read them if you haven’t done so already.