Restoring the New Testament church in the 21st century

When a Loved One Goes Home

| November 4, 2013

7:10 AM The Celebration Service yesterday on campus affected me deeply. I took away several things: 1) I am infinitely more fragile and helpless than even I think I am sometimes. As I watched the video of Becky’s life, I was a basket case. I longed to see her again in this life, to have her […]

Harmony in the Church

| April 15, 2013

11:16 AM Commenting on harmony in the church, Howard Marshall (New Testament Theology, p. 347) writes: Such harmony could arise in two ways. One possibility is that there is considerable toleration of different points of view, so that people do not fight over differences of opinion on nonessential matters. The other possibility is that people […]

What It Means to Give Glory to God

| April 11, 2013

8:20 AM Good morning, thoughtful bloggers and bloggerettes. I know I’ve been blogging a lot lately. Please don’t get tired of all this posting, especially not the posts coming at you from my heart. Unless I’m badly mistaken, you ponder many of the same questions I do. This morning, for example, I was really trying […]

What is the Church? A List

| April 10, 2013

5:05 AM At the risk of repeating myself … I am convinced that the house church rather than the sanctuary church was the New Testament norm. I am convinced of the normalcy of tent-making leadership. I am convinced that the church exists in part to equip all of its members for ministry. I am convinced […]

Are Americans Persecuted

| April 5, 2013

10:35 AM Jonathan Merritt’s latest post is called In the Middle East, Not America, Christians Are Actually Persecuted. Think about that the next time you’re tempted to boycott Target because their employees wish you “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Xmas.” (Yes, I used Xmas intentionally.) Case in point: In Ethiopia, Tesfai’s 8-year old daughter was […]

13 Things Greek Teachers Won’t Tell You

| April 5, 2013

1:36 PM The Reader’s Digest once published an article called “13 Things Used Car Salesmen Won’t Tell You.” Well, here are “13 Things Your Greek Teachers Won’t Tell You.” 1. Greek is not the only tool you need to interpret your New Testament. In fact, it’s only one component in a panoply of a myriad […]

Opposing Government Bureaucracy, But What About the Church?

| June 12, 2012

12:13 PM Steve Scott’s latest essay is a real winner: Evangelicalism: Government Programs vs. Church Programs. Steve points out the irony that those Christians who want smaller and smaller government are often the same Christians who want more and bureaucracy in the church. In my book The Jesus Paradigm I referred to this as the […]

On the Authorship of Hebrews

| October 8, 2011

Richard Ousworth has published a fine piece called What Are They Saying about the Letter to the Hebrews? (.pdf). Much of it is a review of Alan Mitchell’s recent commentary in the Sacra Pagina series. As someone who has published a number of essays on Hebrews, I was interested in this quote about authorship: Let […]

Vocation to Ministry?

| May 14, 2011

From Dave Black Online: 10:36 AM I have a question today, a question to which I do not know the answer. When will appeals for vocations to the ministry end? And when, in their place, will the church encourage all of its members to seek God’s will for the area of ministry in which they […]


| January 8, 2011

7:17 PM Today in Greek class we went on yet another rabbit trail, this time along the path of ecclesiology. Church structures must be participational rather than representative, I told my students. My excuse to bring up this topic? A very good one indeed. The vocabulary to today’s lesson included the adjective hekastos, which, as […]