Restoring the New Testament church in the 21st century

Harmony in the Church

| April 15, 2013

11:16 AM Commenting on harmony in the church, Howard Marshall (New Testament Theology, p. 347) writes: Such harmony could arise in two ways. One possibility is that there is considerable toleration of different points of view, so that people do not fight over differences of opinion on nonessential matters. The other possibility is that people […]

Changing in a Grace-Filled Way

| November 11, 2011

1:02 PM This week in our Greek 3 class we exegeted Phil. 4:1-9, a passage full of references to the need for unity and cooperation in the cause of the Gospel. I want to say from the start that I have tremendous respect for my students who are trying to effect changes in their churches. […]

Ground Zero Mosque and Humility

| August 16, 2010

From Dave Black Online: I am deeply grieved over the push to deny the rights of Muslims in this nation to build a mosque near Ground Zero. It almost looks like the identity we assume as “Christian Americans” is as important as the Gospel message we communicate. I submit to you it’s not a kingdom […]

On Social Labels

| April 28, 2010

From Dave Black Online: It’s human nature to employ social labels. We love to put people into our little boxes according to race, social status, level of education, country of origin, etc. — and the labels on the boxes determine to a great degree how we think about ourselves and how we treat others. Everyone […]

Unity and Diversity

| September 26, 2009

From Dave Black Online: In theology class recently we discussed the seventeenth chapter of John’s Gospel. Let me outline what I said. (Much of what we discussed was based on an essay I wrote several years ago for a somewhat obscure journal called the Criswell Theological Review. The essay is titled “Structure and Style in […]

Scandalous Example of Christian Unity

| May 8, 2009

Dave Black is participating in a discussion at The Gospel in 3D.  He adds this story: Allow me to tell you a story, Bro. Lionel. Not long ago I heard about a congregation of mostly home-schooling families. The church was, of course, age-integrated (no Awana, no youth group, no children’s church, no VBS), elder-led (and […]